Product Information Management from Xavannah

Manage all product data and media centrally

With the help of the xdePIM, companies can centrally manage all product data, making it easy and efficient for use in other systems. The xdePIM ensures seamless processing of the product data and makes it available uniformly across all output channels of a company.

Significantly reduced time to market gives companies a huge competitive advantage. For this reason, the PIM should be an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy; Keyword: Digital Transformation.

Like all other Xavannah solutions, the xdePIM communicates with other systems via xdeClearing. Ideally, you should use our complete service, meaning the technical solutions with our personal competence, for a completely homogenous system.

Hire us for the permanent optimization of your business processes. No matter where your business goes, we will go along with you!

Requirements for a PIM

  • Fulfillment of requirements from the customer area with regard to product information
  • Data exchange with in-house applications, such as the ERP and CRM system
  • Future data exchange with a wide variety of sales target systems (multi-channels), such as configurators, online product catalogs, BIM or shop systems
  • Flexibility in the production of publications, i.e. export of specific data, in formats such as xml, csv, Datanorm, BMECat...
  • Reliability relating to the timeliness of the data
  • Clear accountabilities for product master areas
  • Prevention of redundant data
  • Optimization of internal and external processes in which product data plays a role
  • Modern and future-proof technological basis
  • Future change and scalability to new requirements
  • Professional support and administration of the agreed services
  • Data security & data protection
  • Quick first results
  • Cost-optimized solution
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