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Xavannah is a mid-sized company from East Westphalia, Germany.

Xavannah is a mid-sized company from East Westphalia, Germany.

With 14 employees, we have been working for approx. 70 companies in the handicraft industry since 2008.

The digitization of society is also increasingly forcing the trades towards more innovations.

Nowadays, everyone has to come up with newer, more efficient tools. The noticeable increase in these tools has also changed consumer behavior. Many customers use the internet as a source of information not only to search for products but also to compare them before they buy from a local distributor.

Today, competitiveness is clearly based on fast and efficient service on the part of the processor. It is therefore not only the duty of the processor to be present in different distribution channels, but they must also be able to integrate these channels and

present their competencies appropriately and always state-of-the-art – from website to exhibition and from advice to individualized offer.

Suppliers have to support this all-inclusive process so that their products play a role in presenting the processor and the subsequent purchasing decision.

If statistics show that online commerce is growing, it does not mean that more is being bought, but that there is a shift in markets.

What arguments do traditional processors offer to survive in such a competitive digital environment?

The integration and optimization of all involved business partners – this is what Xavannah specializes in.

Xavannah is not only a full service provider of electronic business processes, but also has an extensive partner network of manufacturers, distributors and processors.

According to the motto: “Alone one is perhaps faster, but together we can go further,” everyone works together in this partnership network!

So if you are not just looking for a supplier for your digital processes, but are looking for an established professional for support, then we are very happy to help.

We also successfully support your company in the digitization process: from the beginning into the future.

This site introduces you to a few of our tools, i.e. electronic tools for digital processing.

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